Two commandments for a wonderful world!

Matthew 5: ... love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, so that you will become children of your Father in heaven ...

The Decalogue


The Never Land is KOSOVO!

We found the Never Land in the Balkans!

Public Administration in the service of citizens! 

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Romania Protected Area - 2016 - Garden of Virgin Mary

A world without borders:






North South East West

Gathering for Peace in front of the Palace of the Parliament

Kosovo’s Independence

The Balkans and neighbors

Prayer for Peace



For you!

2016: Respect ALL started from Romania

17th DECEMBER 2015,

Bogdan Aligică at the Romanian Government:

Let’s make ROMANIA Protected Area!

Our constructive proposal is Romania’s declaration as protected area at the European level, to show that we care about Romania, biodiversity, education, environment, infrastructure, species, habitats, people God bless Romania!

World biodiversity! Protected areas!

Climate Change #Paris


Daffodils have not been broken!



Ode to Joy!


Wake Up, Romanian!

I Was Here!

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